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"The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden." -Pierre Bourdieu

Amelia combines her passion for research with her skills as a mixed-methodologist. She enjoy's the challenge of matching every new project with the methods that are best suited to uncovering answers. She has current and past projects that that allow her to engage a variety of methodological tactics, including web-scraping, quantitative research design and statistical analysis, and interviewing and ethnographic field work. Specifically, her dissertation research engages big data to illuminate the use of social media accounts by pharmaceutical corporations. Please follow the link above to learn more about Amelia's current and past projects. 

In addition to her research, Amelia has several years of social media management, and event management and coordination experience. Working in these capacities she has overseen local and national conferences, workshop series, and managed large social media accounts. After three years, she recently stepped down from her position as the Social Media Manager for the American Sociological Associations Section on Emotions in order to take on the elected committee role of graduate representative. Currently she serves as an assistant coordinator for the International Conference on Aging in the Americas, which will hold its 12th meetings in Tucson Arizona in September 2018. To learn more about Amelia's professional experiences please follow the link above. 

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